4 funky rock designs that will blow out your minds!

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People had always tried to adopt new methods and inculcate new ideas when they wantto decorate their place. Glass work, unique upholstery, and even antiques have always been thecommon choices for home or restaurant decoration. However, most of you are unaware of another décor aspect that can give your place a cool new look- rock. Surprised, aren’t you?

Check our few eccentric rock ideas that you can try for your place.

4 funky rock designs to give your place an unusual look

  1. Booze dispenser

It’s common to have a drink on the rocks. But what about servingone ‘on the rocks’to your friend? A not so polished cobbled granite piece with a valve made of stainless steel and a tap handle of beach stone is no doubt a ‘rocking’ addition to your home décor.




  1. Natural stone bottle chiller

Why not keep your liquor or beverage bottle cold in style? Chuck those boring buckets when natural stone bottle chiller can add a funk to the usual bottle holder. As a one of a kind rocky chiller, you need to keep these beauties in the freezer until your ‘chilling’ time begins!

  1. Natural stone vases

Polished Egyptian stones vases or the ones made from Lux mosaic, nothing can add to the outré beauty that natural stone vases can give. With cactus, aloe vera or any tropical plant, arrangement of these vases in your home imparts a natural Mediterranean look, whichinstantlybrightens up your space.

  1. Beach Stone Spice Cellar

Plastic or ceramic containers to hold spices or salt is a boring option. But the stone spice or saltcellaris a funky addition to your kitchen. With a unique shape and an out of the world spice holding design, this is a must have kitchen equipment if you have a quirky taste.

There are selected excellent websites from where you can easily get numerous funky rock designs items and add spunk your place in no time. But remember to purchase authentic pieces that are ‘Made in the USA.’

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