Is ancient art better than modern art

Art is a form of expression. This is used as expression of life in various periods of time. These records show not only how people in those eras or times lived, but also the various personalities that were used to shape history. Art has been found in cave paintings. Infact art work was even by the Paleolithic people.

Art is loosely bundled into modern and ancient art. There are distinct characteristics to both.

Ancient art was produced in ancient times like the Paleolithic period right up till the middle ages. These are the works of art by civilizations of China, Egypt, Assyria, India, Japan, Persia, Central America, Babylon and Rome. These are distinctive and there is no uniformity in them nor is there are worldwide approach or effect or appeal. These are based and shine a light on the culture, religion, beliefs as well as the people belonging to that region. There is no scope in this for amalgamating various different schools of art or art from different countries or culture.

Modern art focuses on the changed perception, changing time, fresh ideas and is more expressive. This is more of surrealism, cubism, impressionism, nouveau art and more. This has universal appeal and there is much intermingling and borrowing of thoughts, ideas, technology, concepts and styles. This can be undertaken by artists sitting in any part of the globe and it has universal appeal as well as it could be in any of the art forms.

Ancient art usually when compared with modern art is all about the praise of man for higher beings. Modern art on the other hand is the search of man for his identity post being subjugated by social forces. Modern art is more expressive whereas Ancient art is more upfront an straightforward. Ancient art did not emphasize much on perspective and depth whereas modern art is revolutionary and more forward thinking.

Therefore, one can safely conclude that neither is ancient art superior or better than modern art nor is the opposite true either. There are aficionados for both these kinds of art and each of these art forms enjoy a whole group of people that are overawed by it. However, what one needs to remember is that ancient art is something of the past, which cannot be recreated – however modern art is readily available and can be created. This is one major difference.

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